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Low-Emission Floor


The latest development in the area of floors is the Opti-Cow® Floor: a dense, low-emission rubber floor, based on a thorough understanding of walking characteristics and experience gained over the years.

comfort when walking

Highest quality rubber flooring and cow comfort

The biggest obstacle to safe and easy movement around the barn is the floor. With the frequent problems caused by existing flooring there is an urgent need for a more satisfactory barn floor. The substrate should be as close to nature as possible, and the floor must be dry, soft, springy and dense. Hooves must be able to get a good grip so that the animals can move normally without slipping or injury. The Opti-Cow® Floor is hard-wearing, adaptable and easy to install. Its unique surface contour leaves a cleaner floor after the manure scraper has finished its work. The floor is thick enough to take the weight of a tractor.

The added value of the Opti-Cow® Floor comes not only from reduction in ammonia levels, but also because cows can move around on this floor almost as comfortably as they do out on the grass. In other words, with the Opti-Cow® Floor you are bringing the paddock back into the barn.

What the cow says

I hardly notice any difference between walking on this floor and walking in the fields!

Benefits at a glance:

  • Increased comfort
  • Cows move more freely and easily
  • Less slipping
  • Reduction in hoof problems
  • Higher milk production
  • Five-year warranty

Prefab PerfectCow Floor:

There has been an increasing tendency over recent years to use prefabricated elements in flooring and slurry pits, with the aim of cutting construction costs.
Calculations from the Natura 2000 Overijssel test centre in The Netherlands, reveal that the cost difference between prefabricated and cast in-situ flooring is zero.

Significant disadvantages of cast in-situ floors include their vulnerability to dimensional inaccuracies and the lack of consistency in the surface finish, leading to additional costs when the floor requires modifications to improve levelling and walkability. For these reasons Opti-Cow® recommend prefabricated floors over the cast-in situ type.

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